Talk: “The Catholic Thing” @ the Australian Catholic Youth Festival

PrintHi everyone, it’s nearly two weeks since the inaugural Australian Catholic Youth Festival.  It was a great success!  Xt3 recorded workshop talks and here’s the link to one of my talks.  It’s called the Catholic Thing… but the byline is a little misleading.  The talk is really about belonging, vulnerability, shame, courage and other universal experiences, and how the Catholic “thing” speaks to those experiences.

You can check out other great talks from the festival here.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Fr Chris

    Wishing you a holy and reflective Christmas.

    Thanks for keeping me informed, have just returned with the family from a four weeks holiday in the USA,

    Certainly Pope Francis was a topic of conversation, especially when asking in the various hotels where was a nearby Church?

    Every blessing for your great work

    Kind regards


    Richard Stone OAM KSG

    Ph: 03 9886 0902

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