The Missionaries of God’s Love

The Missionaries of God’s Love is an emerging group of priests, consecrated brothers and sisters.  The MGLs are committed to the work of the new evangelisation called for by Pope John Paul II and encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI.

The MGL was founded in 1986 by Fr Ken Barker.  The brothers are responsible for parishes and Eucharistic Centres in Canberra, Melbourne and Manila, the Philippines. They are also chaplains to the urban Aboriginal community in Darwin.  The MGL sisters have houses in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. A significant part of the MGL charism is the call to youth ministry.

The MGLs are part of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community, a new community in the life of the Church.  The community began in 1979 when a group of men and women who had been touched by the grace of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit decided to make a common covenant or lifelong commitment to walk the journey of faith together.

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